In the Gallery [2013]

Our lovely gallery presents the best in contemporary Maine art, curated from across the state.  We are open for viewing Fridays – Sundays, 1pm – 4pm, during all events, and by appointment. And you are also welcome to join us for gallery openings, along with the artists and refreshments — always for free!

Tom Dougherty & Julie Brennan
Gallery Opening: Friday, June 21, 5-7pm


Join us for a minor opening, as we mount the works of two local high-schoolers, whose talent has already graduated to the next level.  Tom Dougherty’s singular, gorgeously composed, keenly felt landscapes capture the glory of our region throughout the seasons, always with an eye towards the sublime.  Julie Brennan’s altogether different work embraces  juxtapositions, using meticulous layering and photo-montage effects to render playful, provocative, questioning images that locate her characters at the centers of various celestial dramas.  Come celebrate both of these outsize young talents at their debut exhibition.

Better Left Unsaid: 
Deborah Randall
Gallery Opening: Friday, July 5, 5-7pm


Ms. Randall is an artist at odds with herself.  On the one hand, her drawings and representational works are playful, illustrative, provocative, and very, very funny.  On the other, her landscape  work is contemplative, soothing, and transcendent. You’d be forgiven for thinking you’re looking at a group show, in taking in the full gamut of her output.  We can assure you, however, that you are not: Deborah Randall is that rare artist whose work—to say nothing of her passions—cross the spectrum. Come join us as we welcome her for a showing of select works from her series, Better Left Unsaid, as well as select landscapes.

NOTE: Ms. Randall will also be teaching a workshop on simple landscape technique on Saturday, July 6.  See here for details.

New Work: 
Chris Beneman
Gallery Opening: Friday, August 2, 5-7pm book of flowers

A painter and printmaker based in Scarborough, Maine, Chris Beneman creates work inspired by the endless varieties of the nature that surrounds her. Her deceptively simple prints—of rocks, flowers, tide pools—blend a sensitivity to texture with a keen observation of shape, all bound with a lightness of touch that conceals a rigorous attention to detail. With inspirations ranging from Morandi to Soviet Contructivism, Beneman’s work flows from the great traditions of abstract expressionism towards the sea of illustrative beauty.

NOTE: Chris Beneman will be leading a workshop on gelatin-plate printmaking on Saturday, August 3. See here for details.