Made-in-Maine [2013]

Made-in-Maine brings you a cross-section of films all made in our state, and all presented by their directors (or, in one case, their cinematographer).  If you are interested in the state of our state’s cinema, we encourage you to come on down and meet your makers.

Like the Water
Sunday, July 14, 7:30pm, $10

Come join guest Director Caroline von Kuhn for a special screening of this 2012 film, shot in Camden on a tiny budget. Like the Water follows Charlie, a young journalist, as she navigates the shoals of grief, friendship, and confusion following the death of her close friend. Returning to Camden to deliver a eulogy, Charlie’s past begs a reckoning that tests her very being.  Featuring standout cinematography that effortlessly captures the rugged beauty of the Maine coast, Like the Water is suffused both by the power of place, and by a passion for film-making.

Sunday, August 18, 7:30pm, $10

Join us for a special screening of Leviathan, hosted by the film’s director, Lucien Castating-Taylor. Filmed entirely in Maine waters, with dozens of cameras, many mounted on the arms and legs of working fishermen, Leviathan is not so much a film as a total immersion into the fabric of life on a fishing boat. A product of the Sensory Ethnography Lab at Harvard, Leviathan foregoes the typical documentary format in favor of something much more elemental, mysterious, and overwhelming, as it plunges its audience into frigid waters, casts them writhing with fish onto the deck, and hurls them skyward into flocks of seagulls. Bewildering, disorienting, and exhilarating, Leviathan is a cinematic experience like no other.

Betting the Farm
Saturday, August 24, 7:30pm, $15 Advance / $20 Door

Join directors Cecily Pingree and Jason Mann for a screening of their clear-eyed documentary exploring the trials of trying to do the right thing against great odds. Betting the Farm follows three Maine farmers as they work to launch Maine’s Own Organic (MOO!) Milk, a brand dedicated to paying sustainable prices for organically-produced milk.  As the venture grows, it faces battles of both scale and ethics, in the process crystallizing the plight of small-scale farms in the modern age.  By turns moving, exhilarating, and heartbreaking, Betting the Farm is a film grown straight from the soil of our fine state.

NOTE: This screening will be preceded by a three-course, 100% locally sourced, farm-to-table dinner.  See here for details.

Black Rock
Sunday, September 1, Dusk (7:30pm), $10 (as part of All Freakin’ Night!)

Join cinematographer Hilary Spera (who, incidentally, also did camera duties on last year’s Made-in-Denmark film VacationLand) for a terrifying beginning to a horrible night, as we kick off our all-night horrorshow with this brand-new, Made-in-Maine horror film.  When lifelong friends plan a camping trip on a deserted Maine island, they expect only nostalgia and solitude.  But fate has more devious plans, as it delivers a trio of Iraq veterans on a hunting expedition.  The battle of the sexes becomes literal after an accident turns the boys against the girls, with bloody results. Written by Mark Duplass, and directed by Katie Aselton, Black Rock was a standout at this past January’s Sundance Film Festival.

NOTE: This film plays as part of the special event All Freakin’ Night.  See here for details on the horrorshow.