My Fellow Danes!

Happy Summer.

Once again, the powers-that-be have chosen to bless us with the season that Maine was made for: Summer!  It’s here, it’s dear, get used to it!

Hio Ridge Dance finds REASONS TO MOVE

Here at the DAC, we have curated a grand old summer for you, and by you, of course we mean everyone.  We have films to appeal to the very young (FIDDLESTICKS) and the very old (WRINKLES)., and even a few that might tickle both fancies (CITY LIGHTS).  We have dances performed by dancers whose ages span 70 years (REASONS FOR MOVING), and theatrical experiments performed by actors in chaoots with the forces of chaos (TAROT SHOW).

TOOCHIE TOOCHIE will get you dancin’.

And we have music all over the place: From an encore appearance of the justly-beloved DAPONTE STRING QUARTET  to a rare concert by the fabulous ROOCHIE TOOCHIE AND THE RAGTIME SHEPHERD KINGS, to a full bore, small-scale production of JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR, this summer promises to satisfy. And we haven’t even begun to crow about the fabulous DAM JAM, which explodes on August 1 this year, with headliners SAINTSENECA and O’DEATH.

Another winner at the DENMARK MUTT SHOW

So have a look through these pages, and see what floats your boat.  We’re sure you will find something—even if you don’t like art.  In fact, two of our least bona-fide events promise to be two of the summer’s  best: Of course, we’re talking about our third annual ALL TOWN DINNER, this year sponsored by a heap of local organic farms and businesses; and our first ever DENMARK MUTT SHOW, giving you and your mongrel a chance to act like royals, if only for a day.